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Eitan Halevy

Thoughts and observations from the all seeing "I"

7 September 1983
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The long awaited biography, written pretentiously in the third person:

Eitan Levy was born in Topeka, KS. That’s in America, but oddly still thousands of miles from both New York City and California respectively. At the age of three he moved back to the original hometown of his parents and grandparents in Denver where he grew up in a Conservative-ish Jewish home with his loving parents, two sisters (one older and one younger) and an assortment of pets that changed with the seasons. He was sick a lot of the time growing up, especially in middle school and high school but, thank G!d, is now perfectly healthy.

After high school, Eitan went to Sarah Lawrence College, which surprisingly has been coed for over 20 years! He wanted to learn creative writing, but soon became much more interested in classical (Greek) philosophy, which he majored in. During those years Eitan became very involved in pro-Israel politics and also made teshuvah (returning to the faith/Judaism). It’s all a pretty interesting story. You should ask him about it some time, because he loves to talk about himself and his ideas, although he’ll deny it if you bring it up because he doesn’t think it’s a very positive trait. His sophomore year he organized a Birthright trip to Israel, which he went on, and fell in love (with the country, not a person). Then he came back in 2004 for his Junior year as a ‘year abroad’ student at Hebrew University. He has only been back to the US for about 5 months since then to finish his degree, and made Aliyah in January 2006.

From January 2006 Eitan was learning Hebrew in an Ulpan in Jerusalem and living on a very loud street in the center of the city. He learned a lot of Hebrew, made and kept some amazingly wonderful friends, and wore ear-plugs every night. Then he started looking for yeshivot, and he found one that was in a settlement, English speaking, and with a baal-teshuvah program in Bat Ayin. He loves Bat Ayin because the people are nice and outdoorsy in a totally non-yuppy way, the nature is beautiful and reminds him of Colorado, and he is helping to settle the land of Israel just by being there.

Eitan used to play classical piano, then jazz improvisation, and then he stopped having a piano/keyboard around and stopped playing. He is equally partial to Beethoven concertos, Dave Brubeck and American Country music like Toby Keith. He keeps a copy of the Iliad (the Richmond Lattimore translation) in the bathroom, because it’s his favorite book which is not a sefer kodesh (holy book, which cannot be brought into the bathroom). He’s proud to be from America, even though he has chosen to live elsewhere, and uses words like ‘y’all’ and ‘darlin’ when the mood strikes him. He loves to ski, hike, backpack, bike, and otherwise move through G!d’s creation to appreciate its wonders. He’s also a very religious, Orthodox Jew, holding pretty machmir (strict) on most issues of Jewish law, but not quite fitting into one community (Hasidic/litvish/dati-leumi/etc). He likes to stop for a moment and think before reciting a brachah (blessing), and studies Shmirat ha-Loshon (laws of proper speech) every morning, but he doesn’t manage to go more than a day without saying something he shouldn’t.

For the time being Eitan is living day to day, learning Torah and trying to be a decent human being, Jew, Israeli-Zionist, American and any other title he bears with pride.